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Head to the south part of the atoll, and look around until you get to a dungeon. Make sure you have enough prayer and food to last about five minutes running. Before climbing the ladder down, be sure you have complete hit points, plenty of food and sufficient prayer to last you till you hit Zooknock. Bring a few odd fruit at least two super energy potions to let you run longer. I also suggest doing this in low detail, and making sure you have 100% energy before heading down as you may lag really bad on account of the rockslides.
Equip the monkeyspeak amulet and talk to the monkey child from the backyard. You must speak to him before telling him that you are his uncle. The child, still at an innocent era, agrees with you and informs you that his aunt has promised to gift him a toy, if he could manage to get 20 bananas because of her. Once you’re back into the jungle area, head directly west and then proceed down the ladder to the dungeon.
Prove yourself to the monkey child by stating that you are his uncle. He’ll ask you to send 20 bananas, although, you don’t really need the entire amount, so search the neighboring trees and also select at five. Learn more about How To Level Up Herblore Training In OSRS here. Wait for the monkey aunt to get away and return to fighter child. Ask him to get his Monkey talisman and attempt using drop trick to acquire more you. This may be done by simply dropping the talisman, speaking with the monkey child again and telling him that you’ve lost the one that he gave you. If you face any difficulties, always keep in mind that talismans can be gotten for 1000 coins.
Monkey Madness  OSRS Quest
Now, unequip the greegree and talk into the minder to be let from the enclosure. Head to the south-east Area of the colony and speak to Garkor. Impressed with your outfit, he wants you to find an audience using Awowogei by pretending to be a Karamjan envoy, here to Find an alliance with him.
You also need to have the ability to find hammers and fleas in the boxes . If you want to take a more direct approach, you will confront the enemy. This is a More direct route, but it can be hard, so be cautious with fighter archers first. As you walk through the cobweb-cutting region, you can be certain you’re heading in the perfect direction by avoiding encountering cobwebs which are too strong. You want to find the chest to discover the key that was damaged in conflict.
Staying on the darkened ground, search the pair of stacked crates on the mild brown ground for a few monkey dentures. If you’re experiencing trouble differentiating between the light and dark ground, the minimum images setting presents a much better contrast. The positioning of this crate that holds the fighter dentures.
Of course, it follows the last Monkey Madness Quest. I’m attempting to dive right into this very long OSRS quest, but once I start, I want to know the very first requirements I want to fulfill.

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