OSRS Book on baxtorian Guide

She will request that you just check on him and will let you know there’s a raft outside the home that you need to use. Exit Almera’s house toward the river and board the Log raft; you will crash into a small island. DO NOT click Take treasure, as you may be washed out of the cave. Check out OSRS Recipe for Disaster: The Final Battle here and become a better OSRS player. Use the Glarial’s urn in your inventory on the chalice.
First, obtain the important thing in the east room. The secret is found in the two crates stacked on top of each other within the south-east nook; they are coloured differently from the remainder of the crates. Next, you will find a gnome called Golrie locked in the west room, hiding from the hobgoblins. Use your key on the door, then communicate to the gnome to receive Glarial’s pebble. Head back to Almera’s House , and take the raft from behind the home. Just as earlier than, use the rope on the rock to get across, then with the tree.
Use the rope again on the tree on the identical island to climb down onto a cliff edge halfway down the waterfall. Next to you will be a barrel, enter it and it’ll carry you down the river. Talk to Hadley and go through all of the text options with him. Go back to Almera’s house and board the raft once more. Once extra, use the rope with the rock and the dead tree to succeed in the ledge. Open the doorway on the ledge to enter the Waterfall Dungeon.
Enter the house and ask Hadley concerning the space. Go upstairs and search the bookcases for a guide referred to as the “Book on baxtorian”. Read it to study extra concerning the quest.
osrs waterfall quest guide
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